Tomorrow (08.12.)  Ragnaros will be closed and prepared to merge into Sargeras.  Every Ragnaros Character,Guild,Item,Achievement,Mount and Battle Pet will be available at Sargeras start.


Ride the Lightning (Honor talent) now only procs off Stormstrike and can no longer trigger multiple Chain Lightning on the target
- Ancestral Vision scripted
- Chain Heal`s healing is now reduced by 30% after each jump
- Flame Shock now consumes up to 20 Maelstrom to increase its duration
- Healing Surge (Enchancement specialization) now uses 20 Maelstrom if available to become instant
- Lava burst is now always a critical strike on targets affected by Flameshock
- Players will no longer lose their Maelstrom after they shapeshift into Ghost Wolf
- Ancestral Vision scripted
- Fixed mana pool for Restoration specialization
- Spiritual Insight scripted
- Aftershock scripted
- Ancestral Protection totem scripted
- Bottomless Depths scripted
- Calming Waters (Honor talent) scripted
- Cloudburst totem scripted
- Crash Lightning scripted
- Crashing Waves scripted
- Deluge scripted
- Earthen Rage scripted
- Earthen Shield totem scripted
- Earthgrab totem scripted
- Echo of the Elements scripted
- Elemental Healing (Artifact trait) scripted
- Empowered Stormlash scripted
- Feral Lunge scripted
- Feral Spirit scripted
- Fire Elemental scripted
- Flametongue scripted
- Hailstorm scripted
- Healing Rain scripted
- High Tide scripted
- Queen Ascendant (Artifact trait) scripted
- Queen`s Decree (Artifact trait) scripted


- Insanity bar is now showed in Shadowform
- Atonement now also procs off periodic damage, and Mindbender & Shadowfiend's melee attacks
- Power Word: Solace now properly restores 0.75% of your maximum mana
- Smite (Discipline specialization) now properly absorbs a portion of following damage dealt by the target
- Smite (Holy specialization) now has a chance to reset Holy Fire`s cooldown


- Invoke Niuzao, the Black Ox can no longer attack targets that are not flagged for PvP
- Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger can no longer attack targets that are not flagged for PvP
- Invoke Niuzao, the Black Ox scripted
- High Tolerance now properly grants 5/10/15% haste (based on current level of Stagger)
Dark Side of the Moon (Artifact trait) scripted


- Bursting Shot  now also applies disorient effect on the enemy targets
Barrage now deals reduced damage on secondary targets
- Fixed Steel Trap's root duration in PvP


- Judgement Improvements:
> Holy: now applies the debuff causing target to take increased damage from Crusader Strike and Holy Shock for 6 sec
> Protection: now properly reduce the remaining cooldown on Shield of the Righteous
> Retribution: now applies the debuff causing targets to take increased damage from Holy Power spenders for 8 sec
> Retribution: now properly hits additional targets

- Bastion of Light scripted
- Blessed Hammer scripted
- Crusader's Judgment scripted
- Divine Steed scripted
- Divine Storm scripted
- Grand Crusader scripted
- Greater Blessing of Kings scripted
- Greater Blessing of Might scripted
- Greater Judgment scripted
- Hand of the Protector scripted
- Justicar's Vengeance scripted
- Knight Templar scripted
- Light of the Protector scripted
- Shield of Vengeance scripted
- Templar's Verdict scripted
- Word of Glory now properly heal the paladin and can't heal more than 5 allies
- Zeal is no longer displayed as a debuff
- Fixed Consecration visual & damage for Retribution specialization
- Fixed Hammer of the Righteous's effect when standing in your Consecration
- Seraphim now properly consumes Shield of the Righteous' charges and its duration scales with consumed charges


- Vanish now removes combat
- Bribe is no longer usable on players, player-controlled units and bosses


- Rake now only stuns the target
- Fixed mana pool for Restoration Specialization


- Healthstone`s amount of heal is fixed
- Agony now has a chance to generate Soul Shards
- Casting Soulstone no longer applies Resurrecting on the target
- Corruption can now stack with Seed of Corruption
- Fixed scaling of the following stats for warlock pets: armor, damage, health and attack power
- Haunt's cooldown is now properly reset if the target dies within 15 sec
- Health Funnel can no longer kill the warlock
- Life Tap can no longer kill the warlock

Legion BETA release: 01.12.2016

Official release: 09.12.2016

What can we offer at our BETA release?

- New class: Demon Hunter;
- New continent: The Broken Isles;
- Artifacts: customizable weapons;
- Class Halls: unique to your class;
- New world bosses;
- Level cap: level 110;
- Hundreds of new quests, achievements and more....

Good to know:

- Standard rate is 4x, however, rates will be 12x for the first week of official release;
- Every character made in BETA will be removed when we officially release;
- Do NOT expect everything to be perfect during BETA, we are working hard and need your feedback to improve

About Ragnaros realm:

We decided to close the realm to focus more on Cataclysm and Legion development. We will provide free character transfer to our new Legion realm! It was a hard decision, we checked what was best for our players. Make sure you keep checking our webpage and forum, because transfer will be available only for a limited time (1-2 weeks)!

You can download our Legion client, click HERE for the available possibilities!


New Feature adjustable XP rates:
- Now you are able to set your XP rates fit your gamestyle ingame:

Type ingame:   .setrate  1 (for Blizzlike) or setrate 1-12 for any custom rates.

- Northrend Dungeon Event added.
- Item and Level Downscale implemented.
- LFG system support added for Timewalk.
- Timewarped items added for loot list. (iLvL660)

Available Timewalking dungeons:
- Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom
- Gundrak
- Halls of Lightning
- Nexus
- Utgarde Pinnacle
- Pit of Saron

- Command Table added every Garrison lvl1-3.
- Legendary Ring Quest line fixed(available up to iLvL 690 reward!)
- Several crash points fixed in Mission&Follower system.

Garrison Update:
250 Combat mission added.
-  18 Trasure mission added.- 23 Patrol mission added.

- Gearing follower (by Items), fixed.
- Follower leveling fixed.

More building related Missions and other feature supports are comming Soon!