- Tectus encounter added!
- Valor Point reward implemented (75 Point / Tier)

PvP Changes:
- Arena Rating gain highly increased.

We are glad to announce that players from Ragnaros realm will now have the opportunity to use the Recruit-a-friend system!

1,How to use the Recruit-a-friend feature

You need an account on Monster WoW
Visit the following link, and type the email adress from your friend who you would like to recruit: link for the RaF  (make sure it is gmail, we can not guarantee that it will work with other email providers!)
Your friend must reach the maximum level (lvl 100) and 48 hours of played time on the maximum level with atleast ONE character!

2,How to obtain the mount

Make sure your friend reached level 100, and has atleast 48 hours played time on the max level
Visit our webpage, and go to Marketplace in your account panel
If everything worked well, the mount in Marketplace becomes available and you can send it to your character!


4.3.4 Monster/Deathwing


 - Bosses and regular raid NPCs now try to target players before pets/totems/etc. when entergin combat.
Dragon Soul
   - Madness of Deathwing: Improved the AI of some adds.
   - Warmaster Blackhorn: increased the damage to Skyfire if no one standing in the meteors.

   - Alysrazor: Adds AI improved.
   - Bethtilac: Adds AI improved.

End Time
   - Teleporter fixed. Now the last encounter only available if the first 2 is complete.

Hour of Twillight
   - Bosses can no longer be skiped.

Death Knight
  - Dancing Rune Weapon no longer does damage from Death Coil healing.
  - Blood Tap rune convert in Frost Spec fixed.

  - Efflorescence Rank 1-3 healing amount fixed.
  - Gift of the Earthmother Rank 1-3 Rejuvenation instant heal amount fixed.

  - Unstable Afliction dispel silence no longer affected by Diminishing Returns.

  - Glyph of Exorcism damage corrected.

  - Master's Call no longer triggers cooldown if pet is dead/not in LoS.

6.2.4 Ragnaros

 - Boss Frame handling added to all bosses.
 - Crown Control Announcer implemented.
 - Flexible raid scaling implemted.
 - Spell range check logic improved.
 - Fixed "disappearing" group info after map change.
 - "Low level content damage scaling" implemented:
   - Damage done to creatures up to level 85 is increased. (ranging from 6.25% to 1650% depenging on level difference).
   - Damage taken from creatures up to level 85 decrased by 10% per level difference (up to 90%).
 - Multistrike/Leech/Avoidance/Versatility/Armor Enchats and Gems fixed.

 - Highmaul:
   - Kargath Bladefist added.
   - The Butcher added.
   - Brackenspore added.
 - Boss kill credit announcer added to several bosses.
 - Resolve tank talent scaling lowered by 20% (you start geting bosnu self heal faster).

 - Rated Arena available.
 - Critical strike bonus for all damage/healing spells in now 50% in PVP.
 - Flag capture in Siprit of Redemption form is not allowed.
 - Insanity duration fixed.
Death Knight
 - Death Coil target checks improved, when targeting friendly.
 - Plague Leech improved.
 - Blood Tap fixes.
 - Rune System general fixes.
 - Dancing Rune Weapon mirror attack fixed.
 - Necrotic Plague runic power part fixed. Duration limited to 24 seconds in PVP.
 - Blood Boil spreading Necrotic Plague fixed.
 - Bone Shield only uses maximum 1 charges per 2 seconds.
 - Veteran of the Third War in combat runic power generation fixed.
 - Glyph of Consecrator fixed.
 - Binding Shot now works on targets who enter the area after the arrow lands.
 - Dire Beast extra focus on attack fixed.
 - Stampede fixed.
 - Camouflage handling improved.
 - Poison ammo damage stacking fixed.

 - Immolate criticals now generate burning embers.
 - Improved Drain Soul fixed.
 - Drain Soul shard on kill and perdiodic damage "extra tick" fixed.
 - PVP set 4P bonus fixed.
 - Enrage now properly benefits from Fury mastery.
 - Shadow Reflection fixed.
 - Glypg of Gouge fixed.
 - Leecing poison no longer removes Subterfuge Stealth.
- Kidney Shot DR calculation fixed.

 - Chi Explosion general and damage fixes.
 - Chi Explosion is instant while chanelling Soothing Mist.
 - Stance of the Spirited Crane heal after damage done fixed.
 - Fingers of Frost + Ice Lance damage bonus fixed.

 - PVP Restoration 2P and 4P bosnues fixed.
 - Maelstorm Weapon "disappearing" stacks fixed.

 - Living Seed fixed.
 - Traning dummy exits combat after a fixed amoutn of time if not attacked.
 - Fixed several minor issues wiht currency looting and master loot.
 - Garrison building always saved as "completed".
 - 10+ serious crash fixes. Avg. uptime is now over 24h.
 - Fixed the calculation of some WoD enchant amounts.


Today at 19:00 CEST (server time) we open the gates of Highmaul!

You will be able to kill the first 3 bosses:
- Kargath Bladefist
- The Butcher
- Brackenspore

Let the challenge begin, and be the first who kills them!

At the same time the arena season will start officially,  we wish good luck to everyone!